VanillaAttack Mobile Pack

VanillaAttack Mobile Pack


VanillaAttack Mobile Pack will take your photos to another level from trip / day life to a warm wonderful scenery on your mobile device! No Lightroom subscription is needed to edit with these presets. The mobile presets have been altered so they work perfectly in iPhone photos and photos taken with DSLR. In order to successfully edit using #VanillaAttackPresets, you should have a basic understanding of the Lightroom app and it's settings. You also need access to a computer to download these presets before transferring them to the free Lightroom app. 

I would love to see the photos you can create with it - #VanillaAttackPresets.

VanillaAttack Pack are 5 presets. This is what you need to emulate my colors in every kind of trip!

Since the presets cannot be returned, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds.

Disclaimer* - VanillaAttack Mobile Presets are only to be used in Adobe Lightroom on the mobile app.

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